Every writer can benefit from a little outside help from time to time.  In a one-on-one format, a writing coach can address your specific needs, tailor-making the experience to fit where you are in your writing process.


Shelly Bryant is a published poet, writer, editor, and teacher.  She offers the following services to poets and writers:


Bryant has spent her adult life living in Asia, most recently splitting time between Singapore and Shanghai. The migrant’s life is one she enjoys, allowing her time to do the things she loves — including reading, writing, cycling, traveling, and just generally enjoying life.  The constant change of scenery allows for fresh inspiration for her poetry and essays, and much of her writing reflects her migratory lifestyle.


More than 400 of Bryant's poems have been published in a wide variety of print and online magazines, journals, and anthologies.  Her work has appeared in publications from the US, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Australia, China, and Canada.  She is the author of 3 poetry collections, Cyborg Chimera, Under the Ash, and Voices of the Elders.  A Shanghai-based design house decollection built its series of collectible art pieces, entitled dark 'til dawn, around 30 of Bryant's haiku, and her poetry and translations have also appeared in other art exhibitions in shanghai.  She is also the author of a travel guide on the city of Suzhou, Suzhou Basics, a travel memoir entitled End of the Line, and co-author of Urbanatomy's 2012 guide to Shanghai.  She has translated Sheng Keyi's novel Northern Girls for Penguin Books, and also serves as the book reviews editor for the online arts and literary journal Sloth Jockey.



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