Some samples of Shelly Bryant's work, for your perusal.



•  Two poems from Cyborg Chimera read by the author

•  dark 'til dawn PDF catalog  (includes all 30 haiku in the series)

•  "When the Seeing is Good" (Astropoetica, Autumn 2009)

•  "Mr. Lincoln's Program" (Contemporary Haibun Online, June 2009)

•  "In Eternity's Eye" (The Genesis Project, 2007)

•  "Spectrophotoelectric" (Sloth Jockey, July 2008)





Articles on Poetry and the Writing Process

•  The Ingredients of Good Haiku

•  Reflections on dark 'til dawn

•  How to Locate Markets Where You Can See Your Poetry in Print

•  Finding Your Niche as a Poet




Blogs, Hubs, and Author Pages

•  Shelly Bryant's website

•  Tai Shan

•  Writer's Workshop (regularly updated with information about potential markets)

•  author page at Sloth Jockey

•  Hubpages profile