Shelly Bryant has published more than 250 poems in various print and online magazines, journals, and anthologies.  

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Shelly Bryant's poetry books and projects include:

•  Cyborg Chimera, a poetry collection released by Sam's Dot Publishing in Oct 2009   

•  dark 'til dawn, a series of designer art pieces created by decollection in Shanghai, using 30 of Bryant's haiku  

•  Suzhou Basics, a travel guide released in May 2010 by Urbanatomy

 • Under the Ash, a poetry collection released in Jan 2011

 • Voices of the Elders, a poetry collection released in March 2012

•  Shanghai 2012, a travel guide released by Urbanatomy in March 2012

 • a translation of Sheng Keyi's Northern Girls, to be released by Penguin Books in May 2012



Shelly Bryant's editing experience includes:

•  2 years serving as book reviews editor at the online literary journal Sloth Jockey

•  editing a poetry anthology with Sam's Dot Publishing, for release in 2012

•  15 years of freelance editing for numerous magazines 




Shelly Bryant's teaching experience includes:

•  7 years of teaching English literature and writing to undergraduate students at SIM University in Singapore

•  over 10 years of individual coaching (academic writing, poetry, and creative nonfiction)




 Poetry Awards and Nominations:

•  winner of the LaForge Award, 2006

•  honorable mention, Marilyn Stacy Award, 2006

•  winner of Writing Edge magazine poetry competition, 2007

• nominated for a Rhysling Award, 2010, in the long poem category





What others are saying:

"Shelly Bryant brings to her analysis and critique of poetry her deep
experience as an educator and published poet. She is equally at home with
traditional and experimental styles, subjects and forms. Her positive focus
always highlights the strengths of a work as she helps the author discover
word usage and techniques that will increase a poem's effectiveness and
depth. Ms. Bryant is the literature professor, writing coach and first
reader every serious writer is lucky to encounter as they improve their

                                                                   — Malcolm Campbell

                                                                   author of The Sun Singer, Worst of Jock Stewart

                                                                   and Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire



"A profound writer, Shelly Bryant is even more meticulous in her
reading. Through extended study and preparation she has given herself the
gift of a unique grasp of language and its practical and creative

"Lacking Ms. Bryant's critique, and invaluable editorial recommendations,
I'm certain my own work would suffer dire consequences."

                                                                      — R. W. O'Rourke



As a seasoned writer herself and a professional writing coach at the same time, Shelly deeply understands the relationship each individual writer potentially holds for a skillful and productive writing. Hence, in her coaching, she doesn't simply criticize or red-line what's wrong with your writings, instead, she respects and supports what you are trying to create, and helps you to find the tone that only belongs to you and is respondent to your unique personality. She helps you to get to the heart to what you, as a unique individual, want to share with the world, and write the way that is meaningful for you.

                                                                    — Wang Xinlei

                                                                         Urbanatomy editor