see coaching services for an idea of pricing and how much work to send 

 Step 1

•  after reading through the information provided on this site and determining which service best suits your needs, simply send payment for Ms. Bryant's coaching services via PayPal using the payment options available here (when making payment, remember to list your work's title in the "notes" section to avoid mix-ups)


•  once payment is made, you can send your poems, articles, essays, or manuscript for critique


•  within a day of sending your writing, you will receive an email detailing what will happen over the next 2-4 weeks of coaching


•  in most cases, the coaching will be conducted by email correspondence; in some instances, online chats or face-to-face sessions may be arranged, subject to agreement between you and Ms. Bryant



Step 2

•  within 2-4 weeks (depending on the amount of writing you've sent), you will receive a detailed critique of your writing


•  the content of the feedback will be equivalent to a minimum of a half page of comments for every page of writing you send


•  if you have requested assistance in manuscript preparation, you will receive an additional 2 pages (minimum) of advice about how to go about formatting and preparing your manuscript to submit for publication, and 2 pages (minimum) of suggestions for locating appropriate markets for the manuscript, including suggestions of specific markets*



Step 3

•  if you have questions regarding the feedback received, you can contact Ms. Bryant by email, and she will reply with clarifications within a week  


• in some instances, online chats will be arranged to discuss specific problem areas



Step 4 

•  you will go about working on your writing project with Ms. Bryant's feedback and suggestions in hand


•  if you choose to engage Ms. Bryant to do a second reading of the same work after changes have been made, you may contact her for the reduced rates she offers for continued coaching



Step 5

•  when you are ready, you submit your poem or manuscript for consideration to a magazine, journal, or website


•  you keep writing, building on the experience you've gained with your writing coach






* suggestion of a market is not a guarantee of acceptance, and will consist of markets with which I have no professional affiliation, unless as a writer who has been published in its pages — Shelly Bryant